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Estate Administration for the average estate can be broken down into seven (7) basic steps:

  •  Validation of the decedent’s Will (if applicable).
  • Appointment of the personal representative (executor or administrator)
  • Inventory of the estate assets (and non-estate assets, particularly if an estate tax return is required)
  • Payment of administrative expenses, debts, and claims against the estate
  • Filing of the appropriate tax returns, and payment of any estate tax liabilities
  • Distribution of the remaining (net) estate assets to the appropriate beneficiaries
  •  The filing of a Final Account and the court’s discharge of the personal representative from their duties and responsibilities

For smaller estates less complicated steps and procedures are required.

The probate process is often completed within six (6) to eight (8) months. Issues relating to family disputes, creditors, tax returns, and the sale of real estate may delay the closing of the estate administration process. An experienced probate attorney can expedite the settling of the estate administration process.

Estate Administration

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